Terry Richardson: "I Am A Pervert Like The Rest In Fashion"


A freelance model is alleging that Terry Richardson asked her for sexual favors in exchange for taking her picture. Though she has taken down her post about the alleged incident, we have a copy of the full chat conversation that Felice Fawn says took place between her and the renowned fashion photographer — who has faced a variety of similar allegations before.

A model/photographer/retoucher named Felice Fawn yesterday Tweeted that Terry Richardson had contacted her online about modeling for him. Richardson does sometimes cast non-agented models on the web — Sasha Grey says she came to shoot with him after messaging him through his site. Only about an hour after sending those Tweets, Fawn had published an account of the conversation she says ensued with Richardson.

This is that conversation:

Felice Fawn: Hey there Terry.
Terry Richardson: hi there!
Felice Fawn: Thanks for your message, I’m flattered!
Terry Richardson: dont be, just doing my job
Felice Fawn: 🙂
Terry Richardson: do you happen to have a recent pict from you, a link, so i can see it before i offer something
Felice Fawn: Sure – www.felicefawn.com/model
Felice Fawn: The first set of images are from like, 2 days ago.
Terry Richardson: special look, congrats
Felice Fawn: Wow, thank you!
Terry Richardson: your age?
Felice Fawn: I’m 22
Felice Fawn: As of early March
Terry Richardson: looking 17, is good!
Felice Fawn: 😀
Felice Fawn: Yeah most people say I look young!
Terry Richardson: can you handle open and direct talk?
Felice Fawn: How do you mean?
Terry Richardson: straight to the point, no ping pong
Felice Fawn: Oh right haha, yeah yeah
Terry Richardson: modelling is more then only a pretty face
Felice Fawn: Yeah of course
Terry Richardson: but most models do know how things go behind the scenes to get the fame
Terry Richardson: do you?
Felice Fawn: Maybe not, so tell me?
Terry Richardson: easy and simple, like i said, i am used to talk daily about it with the other models, it is sex drugs and rock & roll
Terry Richardson: dont tell me you do not know this
Felice Fawn: Yes I am aware, but I don’t do drugs and I certainly wont suck dick for fame.
Terry Richardson: thanks for the chat and wish you all the best, since there is only one real way for fame
Felice Fawn: Are you really Terry Richardson?
Terry Richardson: yes
Terry Richardson: who else i am, this account is connected with my ID and IP address
Terry Richardson: why the question?
Felice Fawn: Well you’re obviously incredibly renowned for your work, so I just count myself incredibly lucky to be contacted by you.
Felice Fawn: So thanks again for your compliments.
Terry Richardson: dont be, i am a pervert like the rest in fashion
Felice Fawn: So I have read.
Terry Richardson: your read good, we all are the same
Felice Fawn: Good on you for being so blunt about it though.
Felice Fawn: Most people don’t have the balls.
Terry Richardson: like i said, daily 20 models do offer me to fuck them for fame and all others i know in fashion also fuck around
Felice Fawn: Well I’m not like that I’m afraid.
Terry Richardson: but, would have shot you and published you for sure, but no prob
Felice Fawn: Sorry that I don’t fit the criteria.
Terry Richardson: you will be soon, i am 25 y in this bizz
Felice Fawn: Thanks again!
Terry Richardson: cu and be sure if you go for fulltime you also will be the same
Felice Fawn: I assure you that I wont be.
Felice Fawn: But thank you.
Felice Fawn: After all, I’m talking to ‘the’ Terry Richardson.
Terry Richardson: heard that millions time
Felice Fawn: And I did just say no.
Terry Richardson: you said no, but thinking yes
Felice Fawn: Absolutely not. Overwhelmed by the fact you contacted me yes, but considering selling my body for fame? Never.
Terry Richardson: then you need to work at mc donald, this is the lifestyle
Terry Richardson: but i respect it
Terry Richardson: no worries, i never push
Felice Fawn: To think that one needs to either work at McDonalds or fuck for a successful career is an incredibly strange outlook on life, but that’s okay.
Felice Fawn: Thanks again Terry, I enjoy your work.

Fawn wrote in her post that at first she didn’t believe it was really Richardson she was corresponding with, “but after he proved himself to be genuine, I guess you could say I went into a state of shock.” She also said that their exchange “has really dampened my mood.” She said she and Richardson conversed over Facebook, and when challenged by commenters at her site, claimed to have screengrabs of the messages. Richardson does have an official Facebook page, and there are a number of private profiles that claim to be him. Within about an hour of publishing her post — just two hours after she says initial contact with Richardson occurred — Fawn had taken it down because, she Tweeted, she was “nervous about the backlash.”

I’ve emailed Fawn seeking anything that might authenticate her account of this conversation; I have also sought comment from Terry Richardson’s office. No response to these inquiries has yet been forthcoming.

Given Richardson’s admitted predilection for workplace sexytimes, the allegation that Richardson’s interest in shooting Fawn faded as soon as she told him she wouldn’t suck his dick is hardly implausible. But then again, given Richardson’s admitted predilection for workplace sexytimes, a false claim of this nature would too seem plausible. And if Fawn has screengrabs — not that screengrabs alone would prove anything, of course — why didn’t she post them? What is the “proof” that Fawn says convinced her she was actually talking to Terry Richardson? There are a lot of unanswered questions here, but if Fawn’s account is accurate, it gives another very troubling account of Richardson’s behavior in the workplace.

As always, if you have any first-hand experience of Terry Richardson you’d like to share, you know where to send it.

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[Felice Fawn]

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