A Dance-y Album, an Eviscerating Vlog, and Some Bloopers That Got Us Through the Week

We're sharing the culture we're loving—this time with a special guest—for your weekend enjoyment.

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Desire, I Want to Turn Into You

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An album that starts with a full-throated—yet melodic!—scream? That’s what I needed this spring. I’ve always loved Caroline Polachek’s songs but I don’t think I could count myself as a full-blown fan until this album. It came out in February and treats us to homages to Robyn and Sky Ferreira’s 2013 banger Night Time, My Time. It’s both angsty and incredibly dance-able, and full of lyrical phrases I’ve been turning over and over in my head over the last few weeks—including, but not limited to, the phrase that is the album title and one of the recurring lines in “Welcome to My Island.” The yearning to turn into the simple concept of desire?? Makes me want to write an art history paper! Put it on for your workout, or your mental health walk if you’re feeling a bit emo but still need a pump up. Better yet, put it on start to finish if you’re the DJ at the bar where I’m dancing this weekend. —Nora Biette-Timmons

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