A Non-Comprehensive List Of Celebrities Who Self-Identify As Nerds


Celebrities love self-identifying as nerds. They just love it! Put a microphone in front of a celebrity and I’d guess there’s a one in five chance that celebrity is going to work in the fact that they are a nerd. There are two explanations for this:

  1. They want to seem relatable to people who aren’t rich and famous and beautiful.
  2. They are actual nerds.

Whether or not they are actual nerds is up for debate, but these are just some of the many celebrities who love shouting it from the rooftops.

“I’m a nerd.”

Karlie Kloss

“I’m a nerd, what can I say?”

Rosie O’Donnell

“I’m a nerd.”

Sean Lowe

“I’m a nerd at heart.”

Chris Young

“I can’t deny that I’m a nerd.”

Katie Holmes

“I’m a nerd.”

Sanaa Lathan

“I know I’m a nerd!”

Selena Gomez

“I’m a nerd.”

Michael Buble

“I’m such a nerd.”

Natalie Portman

“Yes, I’m a total nerd.”

Teri Hatcher

“I’m just a nerd.”

Heather Graham

“I’m a vocabulary nerd.”

Sam Trammell

“I’m really a nerd.”

Mindy Kaling

“[I’m] a goofy drama nerd.”

James Marsden

“I’m a true blue music nerd.”

Zooey Deschanel

“I’m a Friends nerd.”

Rachel Bilson

“I’m a writer at heart. Writing is a nerd job.”

Chris Rock

“I’m such a nerd!”

Jordana Brewster

“Augustus is quirky, weird, and nerdy. That’s kind of how I am in real life. Really!”

Ansel Elgort

“I’m a nerd and I don’t smoke pot.”

Gabourey Sidibe

“I guess I’m a nerd.”

Jessica Paré

“I’m a nerd.”

Michael Fassbender

“I’m more of a nerd.”

Colin Firth

“I’m just, like, a fucking nerd who works all the time.”

Seth Rogen

“I am such a nerd.”

Mila Kunis

“I’m a nerd that way.”

Ellen Page

“I’m a nerd.”

Orlando Jones

“I’m a nerd. But I’m not that hard-core.”

Joe Manganiello

“I’m just a nerd.”

Keri Russell

“I’m a nerd, that’s right!”

Chris Hemsworth

“I know I’m a nerd.”


“I know—I’m a nerd.”

Jessica Alba

“I’m a nerd out to end poverty.”


“I get a lot that people have a hard time believing that I’m a nerd.”

Zachary Levi

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