A Star (Tinashe) Is Born on Dancing with the Stars


Monday night brought us a new season of Dancing with the Stars and a very smiley Tinashe. Look out world, this is a new stage in Tinashe’s career, and she is leaning in and smizing her heart out.

The singer and her dance partner Brandon Armstrong won the highest score of the night—23 out of 30 points—for their dance number to “I’m a Lady” by Meghan Trainor. (Personally, I would have much rather seen them dance to the superior “I’m a Lady” by Santigold, but that is neither here nor there.) Watching these two on the dance floor, you can tell Tinashe is giving it her all, twirling in a sparkly, purple-pink dress and maybe—maybe!—is even really enjoying herself. Sure, it’s not the sexy choreo we’ve seen her pull off—like in the music video for “2 On”—but there’s still plenty of Dancing with the Stars left to go and maybe the producers will get smart and give her some music that is not Meghan Trainor.

But even if they don’t, it seems like Tinashe is on good footing to knock this thing out of the park! It’s nice to see her winning.

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