A Ton of Cocaine Is Washing Up on the Shore of France

A Ton of Cocaine Is Washing Up on the Shore of France

French police are trying to piece together how an unholy amount of pure cocaine has washed up on France’s Atlantic coast in the last month, with more showing up every day. Just dunes of drugs, as far as the eye can see! You COULD say there’s…coke on the water. (This is going to get worse before it gets better. I’m not sorry.)

In total, 760 kilograms of drug packages—enough to feed even the most serious Ahabit—have been found on beaches from Nantes to Biarritz, the Guardian reports. There she blows!

The cocaine is reportedly extremely pure, and that the packages “very probably” came from South America, potentially after a trafficker’s boat bumped into a storm or other trouble. Several are marked with the words“diamante” or “brillante,” much like those that reportedly washed up in Florida during Hurricane Dorian.

“It’s a very pure product that must not be consumed in this form because there is a very high risk of overdose,” Philippe Astruc, the public prosecutor in the city of Rennes, told France 2 TV. “There is absolutely an immediate health risk.”

In addition to that, beach-goers are being warned that handling the coke can result in a 10 year prison sentence for possession, so ride the white whale at your own risk.

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