Adele Teases Her New Album With a Cryptic Tweet


Adele, a very preternaturally successful and well-adjusted young woman, may be returning from her hiatus from music to release an album called 25.

If you weren’t playing them on repeat to get you through your last two breakups (or you weren’t listening to your neighbor play them on repeat to get her through her last two breakups), Adele titled her previous two albums 19 and 21, each after the age she was when working on each record. Since the release of 21, Adele has gotten married and had a baby, popping up now and again only to bless us with very entertaining speeches at awards shows

The implication with this rare tweet and very trendy in-bed no-makeup pic seems to be that while Adele is now 26 (May 5 is her birthday), she will be promoting her album by the name of 25 later this year. This would match up with the timeline she already set forth; after the Grammys last year, Adele mentioned she was in the preliminary stages of working on her third album.

By potentially continuing this album-naming trend, Adele has made it increasingly clear that she’s so comfortable with her status in life that she doesn’t mind that her album titles make it abundantly clear how long she goes without producing work. Or that she’s learned from the best and is trying to have a Thing.

Image via John Stillwell – WPA Pool/Getty

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