Aging Republican Bro Calls Female State Politician 'Ugly As Sin'

A New Hampshire state Representative bro called his female colleague, Rep. Ann Mclane Kuster (D), “ugly as sin.” In a blog post. On the Internet. Rep. Steve Vaillancourt (R), the culprit, is a jerk, an idiot and late — didn’t we already sort out inappropriate comments like these with N.Y. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s “porky” drama?

In a rant on the New Hampshire site NH Insider, Vaillancourt parsed “If Looks Really Matter, Where Does That Leave Kuster/Garcia Race?” by comparing the appearance of Rep. Ann Mclane Kuster (D) against her mid-term election opponent Republican Marilinda Garcia.

On Kuster:

Let’s be honest. Does anyone not believe that Congressman Annie Kuster is as ugly as sin? And I hope I haven’t offended sin. …
I’ve promised myself for years not to use this anecdote, but after seeing the story about the seven to ten point boost for the attractive, the story has political relevance.
Annie Kuster looks more like a drag queen than most men in drag.

On Garcia:

In New Hampshire’s second congressional district, if I may be so bold as to speak the truth, Republican Marilinda Garcia is one of the mot attractive women on the political scene anywhere, not so attractive as to be intimindating, but truly attractive.

Now look at Vaillancourt’s photo again and remember who is tossing around his opinion on looks.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Garcia tried to distance herself from the aging Republican bro’s statements, saying:

“State Rep. Vaillancourt’s recent comments about Rep. Ann Kuster are sexist and have absolutely no place in political discourse. Both Rep. Kuster and I have experienced this unfortunate reality of being a woman in politics. I hope that as time moves forward and more female candidates run for political office around the country, people will focus on the content of our ideas rather than what we wear and how we look.”

And Vaillancourt doesn’t just stop at sexism: he reportedly shouted “Sieg Heil,” the Nazi salute, during a rambunctious floor discussion. He later apologized, four times, so perhaps he should fire up his laptop and submit his “sorry” for this week’s stupidity and then remember that if dudes like him can stay in office for six terms, his entire home state of New Hampshire may need a political makeover.

Photo Credit: AP Images.

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