Ah, The Freedom Of An Italian Red Carpet


The Milan premiere of “Femmine Contro Maschi” was one of those events that kind of makes you want to wake up and be Italian. The unabashed glam! The unabashed eccentricity!

Serena Autieri: effortless, unfussy elegance.

Wilma De Angelis goes all Giulietta of the Spirits: never a bad thing!

I love Metis Di Meo‘s combo of polished lip and wild, romantic hair.

I feel fairly confident in asserting that Paola Lucisano‘s is a coat we would never see on this side of the Atlantic.

Clearly, the mini bag is de rigueur!

The short-sleeved coat and long glove is a bomshell standard. Caterina Balivo.

What I like about this is, although almost every component is totally bizarre, you can tell serious thought went into it!

[Images via Getty]

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