Amanda Bynes ‘Aided’ by Sleazy Sam Lutfi, Britney's Former Manager

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This is not good. Sam Lufti, best known as the bizarre and controlling former manager of 2007 brokedown-palace edition Britney Spears, has got his claws into Amanda Bynes. Apparently he bought her the plane ticket back to L.A. after the bong-throwing incident and she’s spoken to him on the phone since she was placed on her 5150 hold.

According to a source who has dealt with Lutfi: “Amanda should be kept very, very far away from him. She is emotionally extremely vulnerable and needs mental health help.
“He can come across as extremely charming and caring, but he is also very, very manipulative, and would want total control of Amanda’s life. This is the last thing she needs in her life right now.”

Lufti has previously trailed Paris Jackson, Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love (who he currently manages). I’m no Detective Olivia Benson but I think maybe, just maybe, there’s a pattern here?! [Radar Online]

Bynes thinks her parents are being too overprotective by filing for a conservatorship. [Radar Online]

Justin Bieber appeared late at ex Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday party and gave her a red rose he probs spit on. They engaged in kissing and petting (“She was all over him. They were definitely touchy-feely and shared some kisses and back rubbing”) until she got so drunk she started feeling like shit. Bieber was “helpful,” which we can choose to interpret as “held her hair back while she threw up flaming Sambuca shots in the bar bathroom.”

Then she felt better, I guess popped a Mentos and they made out some more: “Once people didn’t really give him any crap and saw that he was being helpful the PDA got more intense.” Ew. [Hollywood Life]

Lindsay Lohan’s post-rehab plans include cutting off 80 enabling friends — during a Cliffside therapy session, she wrote two lists that sorted 100 people into the “good” and “bad” categories, and only 20 made the cut.

One of the 20 (hopefully) has gifted her with a one-way ticket to Europe for when she gets out, and she hasn’t booked a return flight yet, even though OWN is slated to air an interview in August. Yes, she has bailed on obligations grillions of times, but Oprah?? [TMZ, NYDN]

I’m not going to lie: Haters gonna hate, but Taylor Swift and Carly Simon singing “You’re So Vain” has given me my feel-good girl-power goosebumps for the morning, even though any woman who falls crazy in lust with a man who gavottes into a room in an apricot scarf needs to get her head checked. [Gossip Cop]

  • Johnny Depp is semi-close to quitting acting after the failure of The Lone Ranger. [Page Six]
  • Christian Siriano is engaged to his longtime boyfriend Brad Walsh. [E!]
  • Christina Ricci’s favorite thing about being engaged is “getting to say ‘fiancé’ instead of ‘boyfriend.'” Maybe the dingo ate your baby. [People]
  • Christina Aguilera is losing weight. [Us Weekly]
  • Here is the (terrifying?) cover art for Lady Gaga’s new single, “Applause,” which I definitely read as “Applesauce.” If I start smelling phantom toast I guess I’ll call 911. [E!]
  • And the (nude) cover art for “Artpop.” [NYDN]
  • And here she is with minimal makeup and a new nose ring. [NYDN]
  • Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry would keep Friends going forever. Side note for Lisa: Friends <<<< The Comeback. [People]
  • Spike Lee went full-force diva when he and Mike Tyson came into a room and nobody applauded. [Page Six]
  • Will Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry be named Babyprince George’s godparents?? Will my breakfast sandwich come in the next ten minutes?? [People]
  • Let’s go inside Fergie’s baby shower. What have the remaining Peas given to Fetuslicious? [People]
  • Warning: This cover Miley Cyrus did of “On My Own” from Les Mis is a PTSD trigger back to the girls from high school who sang it at drama club potlucks. [Gossip Cop]
  • is secretly dating a Playboy model, because a male music star dating a model is too scandalous for the public to handle. [Page Six]
  • This is everything. [Radar Online]

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