America's Worst Couple Engaged in a 'Beer-Off' This Weekend?

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America's Worst Couple Engaged in a 'Beer-Off' This Weekend?
Image:Christian Petersen (Getty Images)

My most secret and honestly, rudest wish is for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to simply follow the rules laid out by the Beatles and hide their love away. This is not part of the contract that they seem to have, and so my wish will languish; I will be forced to see their “love” from every possible angle until I die, or they end, whichever comes first! Here’s some news from them, I guess: they had a “beer-off” this weekend to compare and contrast beers from their states, some sort of manufactured, hokey, aw-shucks, thing that works, I suppose.

It is more depressing than I realized to recount the aggregation of an Instagram story, so we can leave that aside for the moment. We can also leave aside my previously-stated dislike of this love, which seems to flourish despite its many haters (me). The “beer-off” was just a bunch of adults in sweatshirts sitting around a swimming pool, tasting the beverages of California and Oklahoma, respectively, scribbling some stuff down on a piece of paper, and getting day-drunk. It’s been difficult to see how Gwen is adapting to being Mrs. Oklahoma but something about this tiny little news blip has made it seem more real to me, or at the very minimum, feasible. [People]

Here’s Travis Barker continuing his campaign for Kourtney’s heart, as he does a passable job of being a nice little step-papa to the brood.

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