And the Winner of March Madness: Internet vs. IRL Is…


…S-E-X. Sex! Sex!!!!!

After all that Meme talk, looks like you boneheads (haha!) are human after all, huh? Sex (1) had a comfortable lead, but this was no landslide—Netflix (1) came in a fairly close second with 41% of the vote. Just to be super clear, that means 3,634 of you voted for a streaming service over the act of love.

It’s been such a long ride (lol!). We’ve lost a lot of comrades along the way in the battle between Internet and IRL, from Emojis to Canceling Plans At The Last Minute to Skype Sex to Men Who Jog In Bicycle Shorts.

And there were points at which we, the Jezebel staff, weren’t sure which path our dear readers would choose. The real world has its perks, but you are, after all, reading this blog post.

After an exhausting two weeks, we’ve made it to the finish line. The lesson learned? Netflix is cool, but until the bot revolution comes, doin’ it will always come out on top. Or on bottom, you know, whichever.

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