Ashley Madison Takes a Very Cheap Shot at Spain's Queen Sofia


Another day, another Ashley Madison “scandal” involving a sexually suggestive billboard mocking a public official. This time, the adulterous online dating site Photoshopped a photo of Queen Sofia of Spain to make it look like her arms are draped around a shirtless dude (and holding a mug of coffee — realistic!) with the slogan “Now you no longer have to spend the night alone.”

Her Highness is displeased — not just because the billboard is obviously fake, but because her husband, King Juan Carlos, has a reputation for sleeping around. With that in mind, the billboard’s kind of an unnecessary and humiliating low blow, right? She’s not exactly Newt Gingrich.

Or, for that matter, her own husband — last year, Ashley Madison ran a billboard of the King with two female models and the tagline, “The best place to ‘hunt’ for an adventure.” The monarchs didn’t take legal action then, but this time, Queen Sofia has hired a private lawyer to make sure the billboards are taken down. Ah, drama: exactly what Ashley Madison anticipated.

Queen Sofia of Spain sues U.S. website Ashley Madison over photoshopped picture [NYND]

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