Ava DuVernay Could Be Marvel's First Black Female Director


Selma director Ava DuVernay is reportedly being considered to direct a Marvel movie, which would not only make her the first woman to do so, but would also make our heads explode.

The Wrap reports via sources that Marvel is trying to recruit DuVernay for one of its superhero flicks. It could be Captain Marvel (due in theaters November 2018). It could be Black Panther (due July 2018). But it’s looking more like the latter.

Marvel really wants a black director and/or a woman for these films because diversity is good and (gasp) profitable. According to The Wrap:

Marvel has had discussions with DuVernay about taking the reins of one of its marquee comic book properties and while the studio is considering other directors, there is mutual interest in having her join the MCU.
…Insiders told The Wrap that Marvel is intent on hiring an African-American director for “Black Panther” and a female filmmaker for “Captain Marvel.” DuVernay’s hiring would make her Marvel’s first African-American and first female director, which would no doubt double as a public relations boon for the company.

Praying hands emoji activated.

This would mark the first time a female director helmed a Marvel movie and would put the studio in competition with Warner Bros., which has Patty Jenkins (who replaced Michelle MacLaren) directing Wonder Woman.

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