Awful Radio Host Blames Occupy Protesters For 'Getting Raped And Groped'


After a man was arrested for sexually assaulting two women at Occupy Wall Street, a Massachusetts radio host decided to kick off the victim-blaming. According to him, the women who were attacked are making the movement look bad.

Blue Mass Group has the audio of conservative host Howie Carr’s discussion of the case on WRKO yesterday. He dismisses one victim, a Massachusetts native, by saying “how much you wanna bet she’s got a trust fund.” He then describes her allegations — that suspect Tonye Iketubosin offered her the use of his tent, saying he’d be away on kitchen duty, but returned while she was sleeping to rape her. Carr’s take: “What is wrong with these people? What did she think was going to happen?” See, if someone intentionally deceives you in order to sexually assault you, there’s something wrong with you. Carr concludes his rant with this analysis: “they’re really making a great statement against capitalism, aren’t they — getting raped and groped?”

We’ve seen members of the Occupy movement blaming women for supposedly discrediting them by going public with rape allegations. But Carr’s statements are a new flavor of awful: he’s saying that getting raped makes Occupy look stupid. Because if you accept someone’s offer of help and then that person rapes you, clearly you are an idiot and your political opinions must be invalid. Carr’s never been a fan of the left, but you can critique the views of Occupy protesters without blaming and shaming them for their own sexual assaults. That is, you can if you’re not an asshole.

Despicable Howie Carr Mocks Massachusetts Rape Victim [Blue Mass Group]

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