Babyist Bradley Cooper SLAMS Plastic Baby Co-Star. When Will It End?


The baby discrimination in Hollywood is ceaseless, and American Sniper is ground zero. Not only did the film utilize the services of a plastic baby who reached a level of perfection grossly unattainable to actual babies, but now star Bradley Cooper is unfairly SLAMMING the plastic baby he worked with. When will it end?

Appearing on Ellen—one of America’s most powerful and therefore dangerous platforms for spreading poisonous ideas—Cooper admitted that working with the plastic baby was “nuts”:

“I literally couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Like I couldn’t believe we were working with the plastic baby.”

While Cooper later tried to soften his statement, saying “I grew fond of that doll” and “I fell in love with that plastic thing,” it was too little, too late. The damage to the plastic baby’s self esteem was already done—and if the perfect, plastic baby can’t feel confident in itself, what does it mean for babies comprised of mere flesh and blood, flawed by the very nature of being human? It’s just more piling-on by the media and Hollywood. Babies are encumbered by unattainable expectations, and this proves that it’s getting worse. In the past, plastic was enough for Hollywood. But is the culture becoming so warped, so jaded, that even synthetic symmetry is now too flawed for our skewed, damaged viewpoints? What’s next, robot babies? Hologram babies? Babies made with a skein? At what point does society reduce the capacity of babies until there are no babies at all?

To make matters worse, this seems to be a prevailing viewpoint among the American Sniper cast, which includes some of the biggest names in motion pictures. Sienna Miller, also appearing on Ellen, cast an even blunter stone by saying the plastic baby “looked like something from Alien.” It’s troubling that stars with such loud megaphones are using their positions to shame their costar, who was also a defenseless, unsuspecting plastic baby. More troubling: why haven’t we heard from American Sniper’s plastic baby since the film was in theaters? Where is the baby? Just another casualty of Hollywood’s revolving door of childhood destruction, no doubt. But who will stand up for the babies, when there’s no one left to stand up?

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