Bachelorette Ashley Tries To Explain Herself


Bachelorette Ashley Hebert appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about Bentley, the universally hated contestant with the worst intentions ever, and who also talked a lot of shit to the cameras about Ashley behind her back.

Ashley pleads her case as such: “I wanted to base my judgement [of the contestants] on what I know of them, so I gave the benefit of the doubt, I looked for the good in him, I gave him a shot.” Kimmel retorted back with what many of you pointed out in the comments yesterday, saying “Your judgement is terrible, we’ve learned this.” (Lest we forget Brad Womack.)

As for Monday’s episode, in which Bentley deliberately tries to “mess with her head,” Ashley reveals it was a turning point for her: “It looked like he was going in there and intentionally trying to make me fall for him and break my heart. From the bottom of my heart, that hurt me so much.” She added, “Just as a human being, why would somebody want to do that?” Good question.

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