Barack And Michelle: The Best First Date Ever?


Michelle Obama recently sat down with CNN to discuss her first date with her husband, President-elect Barack Obama. After watching the interview, it is no wonder that the two ended up together in the end.

This is perhaps the best first date in history, no? Museums, live music, long walks, movies, and drinks high above the city: not too shabby for a first date, Mr. President-elect! I suppose it’s a good thing that Barack and Michelle had such a nice date: when historians recall how the two met, it’s probably better that Michelle didn’t have to say, "Ugh, he picked me up and his friend Andy was in the front seat, drunk, and then we went to Dave & Buster’s and Andy threw up jalapeno poppers while playing Dance Dance Revolution. Barack was cute, though, so I gave him my number anyway."

So what, in your opinion, makes a good first date? Though most of us won’t have to recall the events of our best first date for history’s sake, I’m sure that some of you have stories (both good and bad) that are worth sharing in the comments below.

Michelle Obama: First Impression, First Date With Barack [HuffingtonPost]

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