Barack Obama Joined Twitter, and Now Twitter Wants To Fuck Him


President Obama joined Twitter today, and has amassed 1.1 million followers in the six hours since his first post. Though he has only tweeted three times since joining the social media platform, plenty of its 302 million active users have attempted to contact him via public replies. Many, I’ve discovered, have even asked him for sexual favors. Twitter users asking famous people to have sex with them on the platform is not uncommon, but today marked the first time it happened directly to a sitting Commander in Chief.

Some users were too busy confusing Obama with their father to be interested in fuckin’.

And at least one was doing both.

Others, on the other hand, had more important questions to ask.

But the most important public reply @POTUS has received thus far was sent by Twitter user Said Quadri. It was not a plea for sex, a cry for their father, or a question about popular culture. It was a simple request.

It’s nice to know that President Obama is finally living for tweets, but the question remains: will he live for the applause?

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