Barbie's Runway: Big Hair & Lots Of Pink


Barbie’s first-ever runway show was created with the participation of 50 designers and celebrated “the past, present and future of fashion, with Barbie® doll as the muse.” Translation: Short, pink dresses!

Here’s the runway. Yes, that is an image of Barbie’s head, split open. Kind of terrifying.

How many Barbie dolls fit into a big B?

Girlish, flirty, super short. So very Barbie.

Like a living doll!

This doesn’t ring a bell. When did Barbie ever run away with Cirque du Soleil?

Rosettes and ruffles, because Barbie is never subtle.

Is there a Mediterranean Cruise Barbie?

Whoa: Collector’s edition!

Body glitter sold separately.

Big hair, big sunglasses, big earrings.

Butterfly Barbie does not come with bendable joints.

In the future, Barbie has no pants.

Soon to be seen on Agyness Deyn?

Did Barbie ever exhibit this much sass? She seems so stoic.

And when was Barbie ever this energetic?

Mommie Dearest Barbie is coming for your wire hangers.

Barbie was invited to a Mad Men party.

“Everyone needs a Ken,” i.e., a man with molded privates?

Something tells us these glasses are not prescription.

Studio 54 Barbie is going on a bender, brb.

Hair bigger than the skirt, that is Barbie’s way.

Ok, ok. Getting sick of pink.

Oh yes, there were children involved.

May Barbie live on for another 50 years!

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