Beauty 101: Seasonal Switch-Ups


As Sadie pointed out in the latest Dress Code, we’re going through a seasonal transition right now, moving from summery dresses and sandals to cozy scarves and boots. And like our wardrobes, our makeup routines also change with the seasons.

It’s not really about wearing “seasonal colors,” or fall trends because that’s just a matter of choice, but moreso the atmospheric changes our bodies—particularly our skin—have to deal with as the temperature drops outside and the thermostat is pushed up indoors. So for those of us moving from the warmer, humid seasons into the colder, drier ones, a change in products is sometimes necessary. With that in mind, here are a few questions to consider:

1. The cold weather is drying my lips out like crazy—what’s the best way to heal chapped lips and keep them moisturized?

2. My dry skin is pretty severe. Any product recommendations? When should I consider seeing a dermatologist?

3. I hate giving myself pedicures and I’m not spending money on it during the sandal off-season. What’s a cheap, quick way to keep my feet looking/feeling good?

4. My hair is pretty beat up from the heat/chlorine/humidity/saltwater—any tips on getting it back into shape? Product recommendations?

5. Do I need to adjust the SPF I use on a daily basis now that the temperatures have dropped a little? Do I still need to put sunscreen all over my body?

6. My allergies are killing me and making my eyes water like crazy—any tips for non-irritating eye makeup would be appreciated.

7. I get a nasty cold every single year, and end up with redness all around my nose from sniffling and sneezing. It’s raw and it hurts—what’s the best way to soothe the skin while I recover?

Think you can help? Please post your tips and tricks in the comments below. A roundup of answers will be posted tomorrow.

[Image via Poznyakov/Shutterstock.]

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