Berlusconi Denies Paying Lots Of Underage Prostitutes


Silvio Berlusconi is now accused of consorting with multiple prostitutes — but he says his steady lady-friend would never allow that kind of behavior.

According to the BBC, prosecutors now say Berlusconi paid for sex with not just one, but a “significant number” of young prostitutes — and since paying a prostitute under 18 is illegal in Italy, that’s a serious matter. Here’s a little breakdown of what investigators say Berlusconi did, versus his side of the story:

Berlusconi: He may have helped some ladies “with their homes, medical care and schooling for their children, but there was never any connection between money and sexual performances.”

Prosecutors: Showgirl-turned-dentist-turned-political-official Nicole Minetti procured numerous young prostitutes for Berlusconi, whom he then supported by putting them up in apartments he owned.

Berlusconi: He has a steady girlfriend who makes him keep it in his pants at parties. Says Silvio, “This person has obviously been with me rather often, including –- and I underline this –- on those evenings and certainly would not have allowed, at dinner or after dinner, those absurd goings — on that certain newspapers have hypothesised.”

Prosecutors: He hosted parties featuring “topless women dressed as nurses and police officers” who competed to spend the night with him.

Berlusconi: In any case, his parties were “elegant” and “tranquil” affairs that helped him get in touch with youthful perspectives.

Prosecutors: Two words: bunga bunga.

And here’s Berlusconi’s full speech in Italian, for anyone who cares to translate:

Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi Prostitute Allegations Widen [BBC]
Silvio Berlusconi Denies Sex Allegations With Statement Of ‘Stable’ Relationship [Guardian]

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