Beyoncé Is Maybe Shooting a Music Video in New Orleans RIGHT NOW


At this very moment, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is in New Orleans shooting something that is probably definitely a new music video. This is not a drill (I think).

Photos from the Super Dome have surfaced and Beyoncé is apparently somewhere in this image.

Maybe not. However, I do see an SUV parked directly on the field and a large black man who resembles her bodyguard Julius and oh my god I know too much.

This is not a drill.

The Beyhive is activated and tweeting out the little information available. Apparently her dancers have been seen in New Orleans and streets in the area have been shut down.

Remarkably, some have been able to (sort of) identify Jay Z, and sources are guessing that the Carters are shooting a music video together.

Is this going to be a video for the first single off of a new album to be debuted in early 2016? Are Jay and Bey finally finishing that duet album we’ve heard whispers about pretty much since they got married? Are they maybe just shooting a Pepsi commercial? WHO KNOWS?!

Yesterday the couple was spotted dining at a restaurant in New Orleans. I didn’t think twice about this photo because her sister Solange also lives in New Orleans, so this made sense. Clearly I’m A FOOL.

It has been two years since she dropped the self-titled album seemingly clear out of the sky. Beyoncé and her team spent much of 2013 year recording and shooting music videos for every song. At the time, the public knew that she was working and recording, but there were no details about the project, presumably because her lawyers drafted the non-disclosure agreements to end all non-disclosure agreements.

In retrospect, paparazzi shots of her on set in costume and her trip to Coney Island all made sense. In many ways, I doubt she’ll be able to pull that again. Now, we’re on high(er) alert which is probably for the best because honestly, I’m not sure that members of the Beyhive could withstand another surprise album drop.

Let us all now speculate widely about what blessings Beyoncé with rain down upon us in 2016.

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Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty.

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