Bill Cosby Without Representation, Dropped By CAA


Since details surfaced from a 2005 deposition where Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women that he wanted to have sex with, previous supporters like Jill Scott have retracted their defense of the 77-year-old comedian, while television networks have removed his namesake sitcom from their programming. Now it appears that Cosby had also been dropped by CAA. The agency actually gave him the boot during the later part last year.

In December 2014, over 20 women who were abused by Cosby had spoken out. The current total of victims who have come forward is 48. According to Deadline, Cosby had been represented by the talent agency since 2012. Prior to joining CAA, he was repped by the William Morris Agency for 48 years. Disney has also decided to remove the Cosby statue from one of their theme parks. As for the networks dropping him, I wonder if his TV family will speak out now that they’ll be getting less and less residuals, especially if Hulu and Netflix follow suit.

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