Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Relationship Remains World's Worst-Kept Secret

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Have you ever worked with two people who claim they’re just friends even though you see them flirt in the office all the time, come to work together, and whisper near the microwave while reheating their suspiciously similar leftovers? That’s probably how everyone who works at The Voice feels when they look at Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

The two recent divorcees have almost certainly been singing sweet (or maybe sour?) music to each other it for months, but refuse to announce their relationship publicly. This week, it was reported that the couple has been going on “secret dates.”

Writes Radar Online:

“Their dates have consisted of hanging out at Gwen’s Beverly Hills mansion whenever the boys are with Gavin,” the source revealed. “Blake gives Gwen tons of attention, and is constantly complimenting her. Gwen is impressed with Blake being such a gentleman with her. It’s definitely been a huge ego boost after the hell she went through with Gavin.”
In addition, the source said, “Blake has also been extremely helpful to Gwen as she finishes up her upcoming album.”

Enough with the secrecy, guys! Shelly saw you two making out in the elevator after the holiday party and told everyone. PLUS! Andy saw you two holding hands on 86th street a couple weeks ago and texted me a blurry pic, so just be adults and make it official. Jeez.

[Radar Online]

Welp, it Looks Like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson are best friends now. This makes sense, when you think about it. They’re both the children of famous actors, they’ve both been married to (and divorced from) musicians, they both have children, they both have lifestyle businesses, and they’re both regularly flaunting their abs.

Radar Onlin reports they bonded at the InStyle Awards last week:

According to the source, the women were bonding over their failed relationships with musicians.
“They were loud and drunk saying that marriage to rock stars is difficult,” the source said.
“Kate and Gwyneth were also complaining that life even after marriage is even worse thanks to the guys’ crazy schedules,” the source concluded.

If you have audio of this conversation, please email it to [email protected]. I will not publish it, but I will treasure it forever.

[Radar Online]

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