Blonde-Haired Child Beggar in Mexico Sparks a Not-So Polite Discussion About Racism


A blonde-haired girl begging on the street in Mexico has caused quite a Facebook stir, prompting some observers to renew a long-standing debate about racism in Mexico, where indigenous people, according to CBS News, “live in poverty and passers-by often barely notice the dark-skinned children begging in the street.” A photo of the blonde girl shows her begging for coins. Her fingernails and clothes are dirty. After making the Facebook rounds, police reportedly rushed into action, exerting an effort to find and the girl and detain her mother that many critics don’t believe would be exerted for a less European-looking child. The Jalisco state prosecutors’ spokesman Luis Gonzalez has said that the police had to respond so quickly “because there was suspicion a crime had been committed,” though the incident is fast-becoming a lightning rod of racial controversy.

Case of blonde girl beggar strikes nerve in Mexico [CBS]

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