Brad Pitt Clarifies: Jennifer Aniston Is 'Good People,' He Swears


What started as an interview about Pitt’s new movie Moneyball digressed into some back-pedaling on the comments about Jen Aniston being so boring, which then digressed into a discussion about how Pitt can’t say anything without it getting misconstrued. Ah, the plight of the international sex symbol, amirite ladies? Quoth he,

“I don’t know what was pieced together, put together, all I know is that my point was the best thing I’ve done as a father is to ensure that my kids have a good mother. That’s all was or am trying to say. It has no reference to the past. I think its a shame that I can’t say something nice about Angie without Jen being [dragged] in. You know, she doesn’t deserve it.”

Matt Lauer then tried to read the quote from Parade back at him, but Pitt pleaded with him not to. “No, please don’t,” he begged, adding, “I live outside of that and it’s much healthier to me.” He went on to say that this “happens every cycle” (we’ll assume “cycle” means film promotion and not anything having to do with Angelina’s monthly business). But he did indulge Lauer with some semblance of clarification regarding Jen: “I just want to say she’s good people. There should be a statute of limitations on these things.”

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