Buckingham Palace Hired an Independent Probe to Investigate the Meghan Markle Bullying Claims

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Buckingham Palace Hired an Independent Probe to Investigate the Meghan Markle Bullying Claims
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Well, I can’t imagine that anyone is more irritated than Queen Elizabeth right now? Her husband, Philip, is like 101 years old and is in the hospital, her family is kind of a mess and now, LOL, oh my GOD, they have hired outside lawyers to investigate these “bullying claims” against Meghan Markle, even though I’m pretty sure if the Queen asked someone nicely to do away with those claims, they would disappear into the London fog, innit?

Page Six reports that these definitely-legitimate and not-at-all-suspicious claims were initially going to be investigated by the Palace themselves, but someone at “The Firm” must’ve realized that it would be a bad look for them to investigate themselves in the wake of the Oprah interview. Again, I do not know for sure if these claims of “bullying” on Markle’s part are true or not, but Meghan and Harry won’t be taking part in this investigation, and also, I’m pretty sure that this entire investigation is going to look something like a play for small children in that the investigators will “investigate” the “allegations” and then stamp a big, red BULLYING INCONCLUSIVE on the file and put it in the garbage.

Here’s Page Six:

In addition, the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not expected to be invited to take part in the inquiry, which aims to “learn lessons” by taking evidence from past and present employees, The Times said.
Multiple current and former staffers who were prevented from giving evidence in court during Markle’s recent legal case about privacy are expected to speak to the investigators, the outlet added.
…Markle denies the allegations, but a royal source told the outlet: “The actual worst incidences haven’t come out. There are some harrowing stories to tell.”
Another palace source told the Sunday Times: “There’s a lot that could come out in the wash that hasn’t been told.”

Oh, god Get OVER yourselves, Windsors!! I’m tired, so you must be absolutely exhausted. Go pet a corgi and leave Meghan Markle alone. [Page Six]

I don’t watch Sister Wives but I do see a lot of information about them in and around the gossip rags. Usually, I ignore it, because there are other things that are more interesting; however, this headline stopped me in my TRACKS, because up until this point, I had never considered how one man with four wives would manage the rigors of social distancing. If everyone in the four separate families is maintaining social distancing practices, but the one man is free to roam about the cabin, then technically, is he a super-spreader? Or do you just agree to form a “pod” with everyone in each family and hope for the best?

Hm, well here’s my answer, I guess!


Godspeed to everyone involved. [People]

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