Butter Abandons Racist


Land O’Lakes Inc. will no longer make political contributions to white supremacist sweetheart Steve King after apparently just discovering that the Iowa congressman is a white supremacist sweetheart. Bloomberg reports that the move came after “new attention” was brought to King’s relationship with white nationalism in the wake of a mass shooting at a Pittsburg synagogue, where a 11 people were killed and the alleged gunman had a history of deeply anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant views.

The Minnesota-based dairy co-op released the following statement:

The Land O’Lakes, Inc. PAC has traditionally contributed to lawmakers of both parties that represent the communities where our members and employees live and work and are also on committees that oversee policies that directly impact our farmer owners. We take our civic responsibility seriously, want our contributions to be a positive force for good and also seek to ensure that recipients of our contributions uphold our company’s values. On that basis, we have determined that our PAC will no longer support Rep. Steve King moving forward.


King is a man who enjoys his close ties to the Austria Freedom Party, which was founded by a literal Nazi. He’s also a man who believes only white people have contributed anything of value to humanity. He’s a man who is convinced “blacks and Hispanics will be fighting each other” in some kind of quest for dominance before overtaking America’s white majority. He’s a man who retweets neo-Nazis on Twitter. For years, Steve King’s entire reputation has been summed up as the racist Republican who says the quiet part loud. So it’s cute that the butter folk have decided that financially contributing to the campaign of a man who wants to make America white again is a bad look, but this shit was not a secret and they gave him money anyway!

Polling shows King with a slim lead over his Democratic challenger, J.D. Scholten. But at this point, Iowa would be better off with a literal stick of Land O’Lakes butter representing its 4th district as long as it wasn’t a white nationalist.

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