Casey Anthony Released from Jail, Disappears into the Night


Casey Anthony, acquitted in the court of law after being sentenced to Burning Forever In Hell by the Court of Nancy Grace, left Orange County jail a free woman in the middle of the night last night, and the news media was there to capture every breathless step of the process.

Watch it three times! Make that six! And after that, watch the blow-by-blow recount of the events of her release. She has a lot of security. She’s wearing pink. She’s headed for the airport! Helicopter footage of the vehicles carrying her driving away!

Unsurprisingly given the froth into which everyone has been whipped over what the news media has deemed an unrepentant hard partying murderous harlot, Casey’s been receiving all manner of death threats. Other people named Casey Anthony are getting harassed over social media sites. She’s not welcome in her parents’ house anymore. She’s going to have to flee and change her looks, lest she be punished vigilante style by a public with an unscratched vitriolic itch. She’s indirectly caused hundreds of pairs of eyeballs to be rolled right out of their sockets after being compared to OJ Simpson a record 12 billion times.

Anthony is obviously not safe in her home state, nor anywhere in America where impotent rage flows freely through the streets. As she doesn’t have a passport, she won’t be able to leave the country.

Where do you think she’ll go?

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