Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's Kid Can Be an Influencer but Only If They Both Agree

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's Kid Can Be an Influencer but Only If They Both Agree
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Image: (Getty)

I finally got around to watching Marriage Story on Netflix the other day, and if the slow death of the planet as a result of climate change wasn’t enough to make me want to never have kids, watching Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson attempt to negotiate custody of their kid in that movie was definitely enough to seal the deal.

Having a kid is tough enough, but then finding out you have to share it? I won’t even share a sandwich if I’m the one who’s made it, and as it’s widely known people tend to feel even more strongly about their children than they do about their lunches. Personally I don’t see that for me, but I’ve heard that’s the case.

As proof of concept, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, who have been negotiating custody terms for their six-year-old daughter, Everly, have finally come to an agreement, according to The Blast. The former couple will share joint custody of their daughter and split time 50/50 between the two.

The agreement is also said to include language that states both parties agree not to exploit their daughter on social media for advertising, sponsorships, or campaigns. Well, at least not without the consent of the other parent. So it looks like little Everly may still one day be able to hawk Flat Tummy Tea or SugarBearHair vitamins, but just not without the approval of both mommy and daddy.

The custody news comes just a day after Tatum took to the Instagram comments section, where are great battles are bravely fought, to defend his relationship with on-again girlfriend Jessie J. “Jenna looks better with you,” a user commented, after Tatum posted a photo himself with Jessie.

The retribution was swift, with Tatum swooping in to say “hey Alex I don’t usually address s–t like this. But you seem as good a of terrible happy people hating thoughtless person as the rest of them.” before continuing, “And ain’t no body more stunning and beautiful to look at but even more as a human than Jess. And yeah that includes my ex. Sorry about your opinion. But what i said is facts. just facts.”

Naturally, people assumed Tatum celebrating “Jess” while simultaneously putting down Jenna because, well, that’s literally exactly what he did but of course he returned to the comments section to clarify his remarks.

“And just to be super clear for the other people that love to turn s–t around. Jenna is beautiful and amazing in her own right. But no and i mean no is more beautiful or better than anyone else,” he wrote, which again is wild because he had just moments before explicitly stated that Jessie J was basically the most beautiful person in the world inside and out (who does, it’s worth noting, look pretty much exactly like Dewan). “Beauty isn’t measurable. It’s in the eye of the be holder. So while all you infinitely beautiful people pour over these words and try and find s–t to start s–t wit. I’m gonna be enjoying my MF night with my gorgeous lady and cuddle up in her beautiful heart.”

I don’t know exactly what all of that is suppose to mean, but my main take away is that Channing Tatum called me infinitely beautiful, and both he and Jenna reached an amicable custody agreement, so all in all it seems like everyone wins here. [Us Weekly]

As it turns out, Tinashe and I have more in common than I previously thought. Or, at least, we have exactly one thing in common which is more than I would have guessed — how we both deal with heartbreak.

On Saturday at Roc Nation’s pre-Grammy brunch Tinashe apparently revealed that she spent the six months following her breakup with her former boyfriend of two years Ben Simmons “wasted.” The half-year bender, she said, was predicated on the news that Simmons was, following their breakup, linked up with Kendall Jenner. News that was delivered to Tinashe by Simmons himself, via text.

Apparently Simmons texted Tinashe the information after she ran into both him and Jenner out and about in Los Angeles. And while Simmons and Jenner apparently broke up in 2018, and Tinashe now says she’s more than moved on and doing great, I’m honestly still pissed on her behalf.

Don’t text me about dating someone new, and don’t start dating a Jenner (or Kardashian to be honest) after we break up. They’re two very simple rules that, sure, are obviously much easier for anyone I might find myself dating to abide by, but still, I feel like the should be universal. [TMZ]

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