Chef Who Invented the Cronut Invents New, Surprisingly Sane Dessert

In Depth

The sun rises, the sun sets, the Cronut guy makes another dessert. Chef Dominique Ansel literally cannot stop himself from making weird new desserts. Then again, since we keep buying them (and writing about him), we can hardly blame him.

Alright, Ansel, what do you have for us this time? Did you fill an old boot with pasty cream? Did you make a jenga tower out of marzipan and fill it with milk so that any bite causes a dessert tidal wave? Did you cross-breed a steak tartare with a bag of M&M’s? Did you — hey, wait a sec. It’s just a bowl filled with brownie base, milk chocolate mousse, feulletine, and mint gelee, with an only mildly-goofy chocolate ladybug on top of it? That…you know, honestly, that actually sounds pretty good, and also not an unstable disaster-waiting-to-happen like the last thing you tried to foist on us.

Huh. Go figure. Well-played, Chef Ansel.

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