Chekhov's Sex Dungeon Is Tearing Real Housewives of Atlanta Apart

Chekhov's Sex Dungeon Is Tearing Real Housewives of Atlanta Apart

Real Housewives of Atlanta has never been particularly prudish, either as a franchise or in the makeup of its cast. It has often been heralded, next to Real Housewives of New York, as the raunchiest Bravo venture yet. Not to mention the fact that its most defining plot point to date was the existence of a sex dungeon, one that nearly upended the show, and resulted in Phaedra Parks’s firing.

Well, I should probably call it Chekhov’s Sex Dungeon, as it’s back this season, and causing quite the shakeup.

In previews for Season 13, viewers were teased with a glimpse of a sex party gone awry, at which Porsha Williams and friend of the Housewives Tanya Sam allegedly had sex with a stripper. Black and white footage of the night, as well as the audio recordings in question, both featured heavily in early promotion for the upcoming premiere.

Now, Tanya Sam has quit filming entirely and is blaming it on those sex rumors. To be clear: she is not a Housewife, and is currently employed as a “friend of.”

TMZ reports that sources close to Sam claim she is distraught over the allegations. They come after last season, where a host of infidelity claims were leveled at her husband, and it’s all just a bit too much for her. Those tipsters tell the outlet that Sam hasn’t technically “quit,” she will just take the rest of the season off. As a bit player, though, I don’t see what difference that distinction makes for her.

Considering the sex party in question is the promotional frame for the season, I’m sure it won’t take long for viewers to witness what really went down when the cameras were turned off. With Real Housewives of Atlanta’s sordid track record—remember the “snake” arguments last season?—I’m also positive they will ride this metaphorical horse until its legs give out from under it.

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