Chris Brown Case To Be Investigated Further; Duff/Dunaway Feud Continues

  • The fallout from Chris Brown‘s arrest for allegedly attacking Rihanna continued today, even as the District Attorney’s office said they needed police to do more investigative work to find out what really happened.
  • Chief investigator Detective Deshon Andrews hand carried case documents to the DA today because he won’t allow any copies to be made to prevent photos and documents from leaking to the media. The LAPD has also denied media requests to hear the 911 call, which Andrews said is mostly of “a screaming woman.” Police did not identify the woman as Rihanna, but said she “suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.” [CNN]
  • Ugh, now a “highly placed source” in Chris Brown’s legal camp is suggesting that Rihanna started the fight after Brown got a phone call from a woman with whom she suspects he is cheating. “She went ballistic and began to “beat the sh*t” out of Chris (while driving). She was so uncontrollable, that Chris began to fight back in self defense, which ensued the fight,” said the source. [Bossip]
  • But other sources say “Chris knocked her around” and that Rihanna suffered a black eye, a swollen split lip, and two red and purple contusions on either side of her forehead. An unidentified friend says Rihanna is “in a safe place” now and adds, “I would be so sad if she went back to him.” [People]
  • Rihanna’s grandma denies that she has a broken nose, and says, “I don’t want people to worry. Rihanna is fine and she is doing well.” [Perez Hilton]
  • T.I. says he spoke to Chris Brown and he is “cool.” He added that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge Brown because, “you people gotta remember, we celebrities and we entertainers but we still human. All of us. Don’t expect us not to make mistakes ‘cause we will.” Here we must agree with Perez Hilton, who remarked, “Since when is beating on a woman a ‘mistake’?” [Perez Hilton]
  • Kanye West discussed the situation on a radio show this morning and had a lot of kind things to say about Rihanna. “It’s so devastating. As a person, I don’t care how famous she is or if she just worked at McDonald’s, that should never happen. It should never come to that place,” said Kanye. [Just Jared]
  • Chris Brown’s “Got Milk?” ads were scheduled to end this week and the company said they will not be using him once the run ends. [Entertainment Tonight]
  • A Pittsburgh radio station has decided to stop playing Chris Brown’s music. Will other stations follow their example? [WPXI]
  • Tameka Foster, Usher’s wife, is still in a Brazilian hospital suffering from “complications from routine surgery.” The hospital refused to release information on her condition, saying “the family has demanded total privacy.” [Yahoo]
  • The lawyers in Britney’s conservatorship case got permission to withdraw more money from her accounts because she needs to hire more lawyers to defend her against Sam Lufti’s defamation case. The two lawyers will cost a total of $935 an hour. [TMZ]
  • This is an interesting eight minute video about Salma Hayek‘s humanitarian trip to Sierra Leone. But the only part anyone cares about is that she breastfeeds a sick baby that is not her own five minutes into the video. [D Listed]
  • Salma Hayek says she thinks of her current boyfriend and ex-finace Francois-Henri Pinault when she is kissing Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock. Also, their baby is 16 months old and speaks English, French, and Spanish. [People]
  • Simon Cowell: still a jerk. Reports that he saved Fantasia Barrino’s house from foreclosure are untrue. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Anne Heche will star in the new HBO series Hung as the ex-wife of the main character, Ray, a “well-endowed, struggling high school basketball coach.” [UPI]
  • In the next chapter of the Hillary Duff-Faye Dunaway feud, Duff says: “[Dunaway] started acting way later than I did so I think I have time to grow and grow with each project. I am learning and work hard at my craft… [What I said was mean but] it’s not okay for people to take stabs at you and to say mean things for no reason.” [Just Jared]
  • Cybill Shepard will star in a new comedy on Lifetime called Alligator Point. Shepard will star as the owner of Mae’s Oyster Bar, “a Southern-fried hangout where a group of eccentric Floridians are forced to befriend a Yankee.” And it gets weirder: the pilot was directed by Kelsey Grammar and it was originally developed as a pilot for NBC seven years ago starring Nathan Fillion and Jaimie Pressly. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Seven of the people at the party where Michael Phleps was photographed smoking pot have been arrested, along with the owner of the house who did not attend the party. Police have also confiscated the bong, which the owner was trying to sell on eBay for $100,000. [WIS10]
  • Though Justin Timberlake developed the concept for the NYC BBQ and ribs restaurant Southern Hospitality, that’s where his involvement ends. He’s still friends with the owner and eats at the restaurant, but is not an investor or partner in the business. [People]
  • DMX is in solitary confinement for 23 hours in an Arizona jail because he refused to report for his mandatory job, did not show up to receive his medication and then demanded it an hour later. [Perez Hilton]
  • A source says John Mayer wrote Jennifer Aniston a special song for her 40th birthday tomorrow. Is this the same song we learned about earlier, which is based on something dumb Jen told him about love? [People]
  • Queen Latifah will sing the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” during the In Memoriam montage at the Oscars this year. [The Mirror]
  • According to the father of another Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova isn’t absent from professional tennis because of an injury, but because she is concentrating on a love affair. [The Daily Express]
  • Patrick Swayze has written a letter to legislators urging them to increase funding to the National Institute of Health for the fight against cancer. [E!]
  • Hit hard by the recession: Paris Hilton. The company that holds the licenses for all of her products reported dismal 4th quarter earnings. [Fashion Rules]
  • The Jonas Brother say that Sasha and Malia Obama were “so grateful, so nice, so composed and so awesome,” when they met them on the night of the Inauguration. They performed “Love Bug” and “SOS” for the girls and gave them guitars. [Access Hollywood]
  • Lauren Conrad is renting the four bedroom house where The Hills was filmed, for $11,000 a month. It even includes a guest house for roommates you want to shun. [TMZ]
  • Michelle Pfeiffer, who turned 50 last year, says she is getting offered more interesting roles now, and that “It seems my leading men keep getting younger the older I get.” She explains, “It seems people have an aversion about casting me with men my age. Lucky for me; I don’t really mind.” [Yahoo]
  • Ashton Kutcher edited a video on his Twitter page to make it look like the paparazzi were harassing him at LAX, but a TMZ video shows there were only three photographers there and they were friendly. [TMZ]
  • KISS singer Paul Stanley and his wife Erin welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Sarah, on January 28. “Erin and I feel truly blessed with the addition of this Star Child into our lives,” said Stanley. [People]
  • In a poll of 2,000 people to determine the 20 most timeless film beauties, Audrey Hepburn finished first, beating out Angelina Jolie. [The Telegraph]
  • Vincent Pastore, a.k.a. “Big Pussy” on The Sopranos, has settled a lawsuit with his ex-fiance for $150,000. His ex, Lisa Regina, was suing him because she claimed he roughed her up after a fight in her car. [NY Post]
  • Scarlett Johansson says she wasn’t trying to copy Marilyn Monroe in her recent Dolce & Gabanna ad campaign. “I am a curvy woman who is blonde, and perhaps we are both comfortable in our femininity, but I think that is as far as the comparison goes,” says Johansson. So that makes Johansson just about the only starlet who doesn’t want to be compared to Marilyn. [The Daily Express]
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