Christina Hendricks Designs Bathing Suits In Her Spare Time


Christina Hendricks has swimsuit season ish. She says, “It’s really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts. You either get smooshed down or there’s no support.” The actress continues, “My husband and I have sketched out designs.” Christina? We guarantee that if you paid someone to turn those sketches into samples, and showed those samples to stores, PEOPLE WOULD BUY THEM. Swimsuit designers generally have no clue what to do about a lady’s funbags. [Lucky]

Kelly Osbourne shot another season’s worth of ads for Madonna’s Macy’s line, Material Girl. [WWD]

Here’s Naomi Campbell, snarling away in the fall Givenchy campaign. []

YSL’s fall campaign features Raquel Zimmerman posing in front of a full-length plate glass window, 31 floors up in a Manhattan skyscraper. [WWD]

Two more pictures from Hailee Steinfeld‘s Miu Miu campaign have been released. We continue to really enjoy the fact that this was not shot in another bloody studio! Great outdoors FTW. [Grazia]
The ads were shot near Miami. [WWD]

Lily Donaldson graces the cover of August Vogue Japan Beauty. [FGR]

Soon-to-be divorcée Natalia Vodianova designed a lingerie collection for Etam, of which she is a face. [Telegraph]

This tiny minaudière, at $150 retail, is the cheapest bag from Nicole Richie‘s forthcoming accessories collection. The most expensive is a $625 “taupe and ivory pony burnout hobo.” [WWD]

Refinery29’s slideshow of well-dressed women in their 70s is absolutely amazing and wonderful. “A good pair of sunglasses is better than a facelift. It hides the ravages of time and lets you spy on people,” says one. “To age is a privilege,” says another. [Refinery29]

Today in Lagerfeldiana: Chanel quilted flat-screen televisions handbags. [@WmagWill]

  • The tents — and the large privacy fences — are up on Kate Moss‘s country property, where her three-day wedding to Jamie Hince kicks off this Friday. [Daily Mail]
  • Meanwhile, the competing wedding with which Moss and Hince had to share guests including Naomi Campbell, Karl Lagerfeld, and Philip Green may have been cancelled. Moss and Hince moved their ceremony up by one day to avoid clashing with the nuptials of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock — but there are reports that Wittstock was spotted at the Monaco airport, buying a one-way ticket to South Africa. (She is from South Africa.) The palace had no comment. [Vogue UK]
  • Kim Kardashian is allegedly requiring every employee of Vera Wang sign a confidentiality agreement. The reality star is having Wang make her wedding dress. [P6]
  • Meanwhile, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley — who has a serious boyfriend in Jason Statham — is holding out for Prince Harry. “I’m waiting for my proposal,” joked the Victoria’s Secret model. “I keep writing. I think he knows how obsessed I am. Well, he does now. He’s so handsome.” [Vogue UK]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow had lunch with Topshop founder Philip Green. Cue the rumors that she is working on a clothing line. [Daily Mail]
  • Lydia Hearst and Jeff Goldblum have broken up. The model Tweeted, “Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.” [NYDN]
  • American Apparel is allegedly in talks to replace up to two of its board members — one third of the board in total. While it’s not totally clear from this story, and the company spokeslawyer Peter Schey isn’t commenting, it seems like the new investors who saved the company from (its latest brush with) total bankruptcy a few months back want board representation. Dov Charney‘s seat is not among those up for grabs. And American Apparel’s 25-month run of successive year-on-year declines in same-store sales — a key measure of retail health, since it measures sales revenue but controls for new store openings — may be coming to an end. Though official numbers aren’t yet available, someone within the company says that June’s same-store sales “may be little changed or [have] declined less than 1%” when compared with the same month last year. [Bloomberg]
  • Lauren Bush’s FEED project is teaming up with Clarins. If you spend $30, you’ll get a couple Clarins products, a FEED purse, and the knowledge that 15 children in the developing world will be fed by the UN World Food Program with the proceeds from the sale. Clarins and Bush declined to specify how much from each sale would benefit the charity, but given the WFP advertises on its website that $1 feeds four children, it seems like if you buy the Clarins product, only $7.50 out of that $30 is going to feeding hungry people. Alternatively, you could cut out the middleman, and just donate to the UN World Food Program. That is, you know, allowed. [WWD]
  • Today in Highly Debatable Things Published By The Wall Street Journal: “Due to a surge in sample-sale websites like Gilt Groupe, the cachet once associated with owning a name-brand designer has been significantly diluted; getting your hands on a Marc Jacobs bag is easier than it’s ever been.” Oh, sure. Every time we want a new Marc Jacobs bag to add to our collection, we just fire up the Internets and surf over to Gilt Groupe. They’re practically giving them away there! It’s like they’re always eleventy-billion percent off $2,000. Bonus/warning: If you click through to this story, be prepared to hear a 26-year-old woman discuss how she used to dress in designer labels when she was “younger.” [WSJ]
  • Wayne Sterling, whose industry scuttlebutt and model-casting whispers are always interesting and often correct, seems to think Hedi Slimane may be preparing to return to fashion design — at the helm of Pierre Cardin, which he says “will return to classic blue-chip relevancy.” (That’s how you know it’s Wayne Sterling, the use of “blue chip” radically out of context.) [Fashionologie]
  • Ferragamo had its IPO. Shares, which floated at €9 apiece, have risen by just over 8% in the first minutes of the day’s trading. As of this writing, they are currently at €9.735. [WWD]
  • At the Salvatore Ferragamo resort show in New York City last week, front row guest Freida Pinto was in a grumpy mood. When a reporter lobbed a softball about her upcoming films, she replied, “You can IMDB them.” [WWD]
  • Now that Prada and Ferragamo have their IPOs, IPOs are so fashionable! Everyone wants one: Diesel’s Renzo Rosso and self-styled philosopher-king cashmere designer Bruno Cucinelli, for example. Diego Della Valle, the C.E.O. of Tod’s SpA, criticized Giorgio Armani for criticizing fashion IPOs last week. Armani said that he didn’t need to sell shares in his company because he didn’t have any debt; this was a not-very-veiled dig at Prada, which is a very indebted company, and which just had an IPO last week. (It went kind of just okay: Prada had to lower its price guidance after retail investors proved gun-shy, and shares eventually were listed at the very low end of that revised guidance. Shares are essentially flat in subsequent trading.) “That kind of attack does not make any sense,” said Della Valle of Armani’s comments. “[Prada’s listing] was a beautiful operation, with global visibility.” [WWD]
  • Robbie Williams — the first musical artist we ever paid more than $100 to see live in concert, in Christchurch, New Zealand, circa 2001, and the only musical artist whose (rumored) hotel we ever spent an afternoon sitting outside with our best friend, you know, just ‘cus (just ‘cus he was really fucking attractive) — killed our long-simmering, overgrown adolescent crush today. Let us now put away childish things: “The thing is girls dress for girls and that’s not what I like,” says Robbie. “They wear those ballet pumps and florals — you know pretty things, but honestly I just like slags.” (“Slag” is a British slang term roughly analogous to “skank.” It is a really unpleasant thing to call a human being.) Though he is married, he argues, “You can still look at the menu. It’s a visceral thing, I just can’t help it. Slags are what I like.” Teenage. Dream. Dead. We are now burning our copy of Sing When You’re Winning in protest. The acrid jewel case smoke is really making our eyes water. But don’t worry, oh no Robbie, don’t trouble yourself to feel bad — these tears will dry on their own. [Vogue UK]
  • Shenae Grimes is done “interning” at Teen Vogue, so she’s going back to Los Angeles where she has a day job being an actress on 90210. [NYDN]
  • Gap wants to open another 26 South American stores in the next five years. That actually sounds like a fairly gradual rate of expansion. [WWD]
  • And the San Francisco-based company has won a long legal battle with Canadian eco-tourism company G.A.P. Adventures, which it sued in 2007 for using its name and trademarks. G.A.P. Adventures, which actually changed its logo in 2008 to more prominently feature the “G.A.P.” part, has until September 1 to change its name. [WWD]
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