City Combats Dog Poop Problem With Image of Little Girl Eating Shit


Apparently the three-year-olds of Bristol, England got a taste for fido’s feces and now they can’t get enough. Yummy yummy.

In a disgusting attempt to get the dog owners of Bristol to pick up after their pooches, a billboard in town shows an adorable little girl getting down on a fresh pile of steaming poop. She loves it, and she’s about to start licking it off her hands and beg (like a dog?) for seconds. Beneath her feces-covered fingers are the words “children will put anything in their mouths” and warnings about fines for people who don’t pick up their dog’s shit.

OK, I don’t know a million kids, but I do have quite a few nieces and nephews and every single one of them is at least somewhat discerning about the things they put in their mouths. Sure, they might try to eat an eraser or paste or other somewhat benign smelling things — but these kids turn their heads up at broccoli, so I highly doubt they’re cruising the dog park for a fix of fresh turd. That said, maybe I’m dead wrong? Perhaps kids today are trading their dumb fruit roll-ups and bologna sandwiches for highly coveted piles of crapola. What do I know.


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