Clueless Chris Brown To Star In Very Violent Short Film


What the fuck. Didn’t it occur to Chris Brown — or anyone around him — that the concept behind his short film “12 Strands” is problematic?

The trailer for the film reveals that it is a rip off/homage to The Matrix: Chris Brown is in a phone booth, telling someone, “I need a way out.” Cut to: Brown in a gloomy warehouse, kicking, punching and generally beating down assailants.

It could be argued that the attackers represent Chris Brown’s critics, whom he must conquer get “out” of his tough situation — being one of the most hated men in the music business. But since millions despise him for kicking and punching his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, a film in which he gets physically violent is highly inappropriate.

And: Where The Matrix had a sci-fi edge, the only twist in this trailer is when a half-naked chick straddles Brown’s alter-ego. Shooting a video full of violence after being charged with felony assalut is insane, and not in a so-cool-it’s-crazy way. More like in an intensely-delusional-megalomaniacal-and-narcissistic-personality-disorder way. The disconnect is huge. There is no spoon.

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