Coming Soon: Makeup Inspired by Fabio-esque Romance Novel Covers


Mac will soon debut its fall 2014 makeup collection. The inspiration: the timeless style of retro romance novel covers. Somebody in their marketing department clearly has a massive collection of vintage Fabio covers.

Refinery29 reports that the actual products have names like “Midnight Storm,” “Love Power,” “Good Kisser,” “Yield to Love” and “Reckless Desire.” Wisely, Mac cheated just a tad and created something a modern woman might actually wear. To be really true to the aesthetics of 80s romance, the eyeshadow would be blindingly teal and the lipstick unwearably hot pink.

They missed an big opportunity, though: Where’s that classic early 90s pairing, the ruthless rancher and the guileless model?

Images via Mac

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