Comment of the Day: Love and Marriage


Erg writes beautifully about love, fidelity, and spending forty years married to the same person:

Eventually the same girl gets old faster than stale bread, compelling men to cheat.
Piffle. After 40 years of marriage Mrs. Erg has some age on her, as do I. But she is not just the person I see at this point in time. She is the totality of all the decades we have been together and she is, simultaneously, both a senior citizen and a bride in her middle twenties and all the iterations of herself in between. Compelled to cheat? Sure, right, I have no choice but to bring pain and humiliation to a woman who I love to the point of silliness. Someone’s lost their dootlin’ mind.
Although, come to think of it, Mrs. Erg is something of a bread snob. If that loaf of bread isn’t still as soft as the day it came home from the store she’s ready to throw it out and get another. Maybe I’m the one who should be worried. I think I’ll go check on the freshness of the bread.

Wonderful! Also, I almost headlined this “Loaf and Marriage,” but that’s stupid, right? I’m not sure. OK, ignore me, let’s just talk about Mrs. & Mr. Erg and pastries. Go!

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