Cops Say Exploding Shoe Camera Thwarted Would-be Upskirt Photo Taker 


Here’s a tiny little tale of justice to lighten your morning: Wisconsin cops got a report that a man bought a shoe camera planning to take upskirt photos, but the battery exploded on his foot.

The Associated Press picked this story out of a daily blog post by Madison police chief Mike Koval, which basically serves as a blotter. The post claimed that local cops had been contacted by a man actually seeking to turn himself in:

The subject reported he had purchased a shoe camera that he intended to use to take “upskirt” videos of females, but the camera battery had exploded prior to obtaining any video, injuring the subject’s foot. The subject was counseled on his actions and released from the scene as no illicit video had been taken. Investigation continuing.

“May your shoe cameras always explode upon your foot” is just a good all-purpose curse for creeps.

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