Customer Throws Cup of Hot Sauce At Taco Bell in Aptly Named Niceville


Come on, people of Niceville, Florida! This isn’t what the founding father of your town envisioned at its naming! Quilting bees and Husking parties? Yes. Throwing soda cups full of hot sauce at the dude trying to make your enchirito? No! No! Nyet!

The attack, which took place last week, has led to the customer (who is a juvenile) being banned from the Taco Bell indefinitely. Not only that, but police contacted the girl’s mother and she had to be the one to let her know that her presence was no longer welcome at the birthplace of gastrointestinal distress. That must have been a very difficult conversation, especially if the Taco Bell had a KFC or Pizza Hut attached. Not only does it sound like there’s not a lot to do in Niceville (if deliberately filling a cup of soda with hot sauce is a thing is a thing one might not just envision but actually bring to fruition), but even if there was, it’s gotta hurt to know that you can’t go down and get yourself some wedge cut fries and a burrito and a mother’s day cake all in one place. (I was considering getting my mom a cake there when there was a deal going where you could get the cake and like two burritos for something like $9.99, but I decided to buy five burritos instead.) (That was an excellent choice for about 45 minutes.)

The victim has chosen not to press charges and is doing fine. Please post ideas as to why someone would throw a cup of soda and hot sauce at someone else. I am thinking it had to do with the fact that one person got to work at Taco Bell and the other didn’t. When I was a teenager I was very mad Ross didn’t hire me, so I get it.

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