Dachshund's Creek: Dawson's Creek Finally Gets an All-Dog Remake

Welcome to Dachshund’s Creek, where youthful dreams hang in the balance and love is as fleeting as the breeze whispering off the creek. Also there are Dachshunds, so it’s totally awesome.

From filmmaker Michael Immerman (who really does not screw around when it comes to attention to detail in these scenes), Dachshund’s Creek is the re-imagining of the ’90s teen tearjerker/drama Dawson’s Creek. I heard James Van Der Beek actually auditioned for Dachshund’s Creek but turned the role because the filmmaker felt he couldn’t quite nail the emotional range of the character as well as an adorable Dachshund.

The video features several high profile dachshund actors, including Gandalf as Dawson, Winnie as Joey, Mocha as Pacey and Aurora as Jen. In case you’re wondering what the cast of Dachshund’s Creek is doing now, it turns out Joey had a lucrative offer to be the exclusive spokesdog for PetSmart but her career stalled when she lost a Kibbles ‘n Bits commercial to Sloopy the dancing Chihuahua. Gandalf joined an all-Dachshund travelling circus, met a cute Dachshund trapeze artist, got married and moved to Michigan, last I heard. Mocha does a few appearances at regional dog shows here and there. He seems happy. Aurora just won Dog of the Year for the third straight year. I think she just signed on to a new project with David Fincher (he’s writing a script specifically for her, apparently). But that could just be crazy dog Hollywood gossip.

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