Definitive Proof That Nicki Minaj Is Infinite


Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” pose was immediately iconic—the artist in a cotton candy pink thong, rotund buns agape in a self-proud booty squat. It was so iconic, in fact, that it deserved to be multiplied and distributed in triplicate upon the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral!

Unfortunately, this is not some cool art student’s statement about the proximity of pop stars to god, nor is it an act of protest for some church-related anti-booty stance. Because this is capitalism, the millions of Minajs are actually flyers for a music festival during which Minaj will perform in Finland for the first time. (Look, I’d be this excited, too.) Some of the cutouts have free tickets taped to the back, which is appropriate and makes sense since Minaj’s persona lends itself well to Willy Wonka. But also, this brings up important philosophical questions about Minaj’s endlessness, boundlessness, numberlessness, her utter inability to be contained, so let us derive a life lesson from this little PR stunt about not trying to put a strong woman in a box, and never putting Baby in the corner.

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