Did Allison Mack Try to Recruit Emma Watson Into Her Alleged Sex Cult in 2016?

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Now that she’s been arrested for cult-related sex trafficking, interest in actor Allison Mack has grown to (or, perhaps, exceeded) levels not seen since, oh, 2007. Women—mostly actors—have begun sharing stories about Mack’s alleged attempts to recruit them to “a Nxivm-affilliated woman’s group called JNess.”

Back in 2013, actor Samia Shoaib and Mack met up for some dinners and casual hangs a handful of times. They also exchanged a few emails, some of which Shoaib shared with Page Six. In one, Mack invited Shoaib to a JNess event. “It’s a bunch of women,” Mack wrote. “We go on a retreat upstate, and we share our experiences and support each other.”

But it’s becoming clear that Mack didn’t always use in-person lunches and personal emails to do her recruiting. Sometimes she just—excuse me—took to Twitter.

Earlier this week, New York Times writer Amanda Hess remembered that Mack reached out to her on Twitter back in 2013 after promoting her feed in a Follow Friday post. (Remember those?) After thanking Mack for her promo, the Smallville star wrote back, “I’d love to chat with you sometime actually. You’re NYC based?”

“I wonder what this was about,” Hess mused on Monday morning.

And then there’s this:

I shouldn’t speak for Emma, but I will: she almost certainly didn’t know her.

Mack has been accused of “collecting collateral, including nude photos and other damaging information, from [NXIVM] members to stop them from leaving or revealing anything about the group publicly. She is also charged with grooming members of the group to become Raniere’s sex slaves.” Her bail hearing is today.


Hold on to your butts.

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