DirtCast Investigates What Makes a Summer Anthem 


Picture the best and most beautiful summer’s day: A slight breeze, medium humidity, the sun shining on only part of your face as you sit half-in, half-out of the shade. Perhaps there’s a popsicle in your hand, or maybe an iced beverage. A car blows past you on the street, its windows wide open. What song do you hear?

The question of the song of summer is not answered by any specific or magical formula; the charts help, but mostly, it’s a vibe. Whatever makes you feel like summer is your song of summer, but nailing down the song of summer is a bit trickier. For help, we enlisted Jezebel pop culture reporter Hazel Cills and culture editor Clover Hope for some insight.

Wading through the murky waters of radio plays, charts, and general feelings, we tried our best to parse what feels like an auditory summer’s day for us, and also took a trip down memory lane to discuss what other songs have felt summery, even though they may not actually be summer’s siren song. The answer we all reached feels very obvious (to me), but maybe for you, it’s different. Listen and see, people!! Listen and see.

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Thanks to Clover Hope and Hazel Cills. Our show is produced by Levi Sharpe. Mandana Mofidi is our Executive Director of Audio. Our theme music is by Stuart Wood. This episode was mixed by Jamie Collazzo.

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