Do Not Believe What You Read About Kelly Ripa’s Fingernails

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There is a nasty rumor going around town that must be cleared up immediately. Perhaps you’ve heard it! Perhaps you haven’t! The point is, it’s out there—in The Globe, specifically—and needs to be quashed: Kelly Ripa does not eat her cuticles, she does not think they “taste like chicken,” and her Live With Kelly and Ryan crew is not constantly revolted by her her behavior.

I know this because Gossip Cop told me so, and you can always trust a Gossip Cop to tell the truth. Just look at their badge!

In a story published by the brave website Sunday night entitled “Kelly Ripa Does NOT Eat Her Fingernails, Despite Report,” they write:

Gossip Cop has several friends who are or who were involved in the show’s production over the past decade and a half, and not one of them has ever asserted anything as outrageous as Ripa having “cannibal”-like habits. In fact, a spokesperson for “Live,” speaking on behalf of Ripa, tells Gossip Cop the tabloid’s story is a “ridiculous fabrication.”

There’s also this paragraph, which appears to end by quoting a statement given directly to the fake cops by Ripa herself??

The closest she’s said anything resembling [an admission to eating her cuticles] was when Josh Hutchinson was on “Live” in 2014, while promoting The Hunger Games – Mockingjay, Part 1, and said he’s be curious about eating flesh to which Ripa quipped she’s chewed on her cuticles. But she was mostly joking. The reality is Ripa’s diet is primarily vegetarian, though she’ll eat fish and chicken and has vices like coffee and the occasional glass of wine.

Shoutout to Ripa for, uh, playing along??!

[Gossip Cop]

After a months-long saga during which the world (or at least the part of the world that reads TMZ) remembered that Kevin Federline exists, The Blast reports today that Britney Spears has agreed to pay her ex/the father of her two children the “thousands more a month in child support” he has been requesting.

They write:

As The Blast previously reported, the “Toxic” star was paying her baby daddy $20,000 per month for their two sons, but he complained that the life he provided for the boys paled in comparison to their insanely rich mother.
Federline had admitted he can’t get hired for dancing jobs anymore because of his age and has trouble making ends meet while trying to take care of his other family obligations.

She was also “ordered to pay” his legal fees, which added up to around $100,000.

[The Blast]

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