Do Women Enjoy Online Gaming More Than Sex?


A survey by Doritos (the official chip of people who are baked out of their gourds) asked a little over 2,000 people what activities they enjoy. Some of the results were refreshing, if not surprising- 49% of women who responded claim to play online video games compared to 50% of men, contradicting the stereotype that gamers are pimply teenage boys. Other results were more surprising. Of those women who reported playing online video games, 84% reported enjoying them, compared to only 70% who say they enjoy sex.

Could it be that vast numbers of women derive more pleasure from the tiny joystick on their Playstation controllers than from the flesh “joystick” attached to men the world over (or the “joy” of “sticking” their ladylove)? I’m sure it’s possible that playing online video games is actually better than sex for some people, but it’s also possible that women who play online video games do so because they don’t wish to socialize in traditional ways. Maybe they’re not interested in sex. Maybe they don’t have sex. Maybe their horrible sex life drove them to just say “Fuck it,” (no pun intended) and start playing World of Warcraft. It’s possible that the self-selecting Doritos sponsored survey taking types aren’t really interested in dating and that the sample size is too small. Or, maybe some people honestly enjoy a good roll in the megabytes rather than a roll in the hay. As someone whose gaming experience doesn’t extend much beyond the occasional Tetris battle and about 18 months spent with my brother, huddled around our family computer figuring out how to get the characters on American Girl Premiere to say swears, much to the chagrin of my six-years-younger sister, I can’t state with authority the enjoyment others derive from playing online games. Does it look like fun? Sure! Better than sex? Doubtful.

So what do you think, readers? Is it possible that those who say they enjoy video games more than sex just haven’t had sex with the right person (perhaps they’d be better served copulating with a man who understands that foreplay doesn’t mean repeatedly jabbing the clitoris with one’s thumbs)? Or is it the case that those who say sex is better than gaming just haven’t played the right game yet?

Survey: Women Enjoy Gaming More Than Sex, Play as Much as Men [Time]

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