Dr. Ben Carson Clarifies That There's a War On 'What's Inside of Women'


Revered physician and future 2016 also-ran Dr. Ben Carson offered a helpful lesson in both anatomy and political science.

During a campaign stop in Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday, Carson noted that the oft-repeated Democratic “war on women” rhetoric was technically inaccurate, as what’s going on is a war on what’s inside of women.

Here’s the full quote, via The Hill:

They tell you that there’s a war on women. There is no war on women — there may be a war on what’s inside of women, but there is no war on women in this country.

Women, you see, are actually just the skin part of what we think of as the “female body.” The guts are a whole separate thing. Sort of like how when I say I’d like to eat a kiwi, I’m just talking about that sweet furry outer layer. If I wanted what’s inside a kiwi (not the same as “a kiwi”) I would ask. Anyway, long story short, my beliefs are why I’m no longer welcome in any Jamba Juices in the state of Illinois.

Dr. Carson has been taking heat lately over allegations that he used fetal tissue during his illustrious medical career. Fetal tissue used in medical research is occasionally taken from the remains of electively aborted pregnancies. Carson has referred to “abortion for convenience” as “repugnant.”

Politics ain’t brain surgery, I guess.

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