Emily Ratajkowski Reportedly Splits From Husband Amid Cheating Allegations

Cheating? On Emily Ratajkowski?? With whomst, Aphrodite herself??

Emily Ratajkowski Reportedly Splits From Husband Amid Cheating Allegations
Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard at the premiere of “Uncut Gems” in 2019. Photo:Getty Images (Getty Images)

Well, it’s officially hot girl summer: Emily Ratajkowski—the living embodiment of patriarchal beauty standards—and soon-to-be-ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard are separating, following allegations that Bear-McClard somehow, inexplicably cheated on her. Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard have been married since 2018 and share one child together, 1-year-old son Sylvester Apollo.

“Yeah, he cheated,” a source who did not mince words told Page Six over the weekend. “He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.”

Rumors about a possible split began circulating last week when Ratajkowski was first seen without her wedding ring on Thursday. A “source close to Ratajkowski” confirmed the split to People on Monday: “They split recently. It was Em’s decision. She is doing okay. She is strong and focused on her son. She loves being a mom.” The insider also told the magazine that Ratajkowski plans to file for divorce.

Yes, we live in a world where Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé and Drake ghosted Bella Hadid. Nothing makes sense, and all of society is apparently just one big playpen for mediocre men. Yet I’m still admittedly shocked by this—cheating on Emily Ratajkowski? Emrata?? A woman could not possibly conform more to gravity-defying, unattainable, sexist beauty standards than Ratajkowski, and Bear-McClard—whose go-to identifier is “that’s her husband?”—cheated on her?? If the words “some guy” took human form, or you searched “some guy” on Google Images, you would get Bear-McClard.

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard’s relationship was always relatively private, other than the PDA-heavy-veering-on-dry-humping photos of them posted to her Instagram. They became engaged after just a few weeks of dating but had previously known each other for several years, and Ratajkowski shared this video of their courthouse wedding in 2018:

Ratajkowski referenced Bear-McClard a few times in her 2021 memoir, My Body. He’s apparently the one who had to inform Ratajkowski that she’s an active participant in the same capitalist system she abhors—she wrote that he told her, “C’mon baby. You’re a capitalist, too, admit it.” She also recalls difficult conversations with her therapist about her struggles to accept that her husband is attracted to other women.

As of Monday afternoon, numerous posts with Bear-McClard remain live on Ratajkowski’s Instagram:

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard have yet to comment on reports about their split, or the serial cheating allegations lodged against Bear-McClard.

In any case, in difficult times (when similar versions of “some guy” have hurt me), I hold onto a list of assorted goddesses who have been screwed over by aggressively mediocre men for comfort like a security blanket, and will now be adding Ms. Ratajkowski to this list. Being cheated on sucks—there’s really no softening the blow. But at the very least, she looks the way she does, and could very easily find a partner who won’t inspire such reactions as “that’s him???”—a real Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson, Devin Booker-type of man. Think big, Emily!! It’s hot girl summer and the world is your oyster!

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