Epic Battle Of Girls Vs. Boys Settled By Super-Cute Puppy Party


Last night’s Parks & Recreation featured a good old-fashioned battle of the sexes between girl scouts and boy scouts — or as they’re called in Pawnee, the Pawnee Goddesses and the Pawnee Rangers. Each are headed up by Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson respectively, and the two are in competition with each other since the Goddesses began after a little girl was rejected from joining the Rangers. Leslie has been trying to trump the boy’s activities ever since, and with fun activities like puppy parties, pillow fights, and a puppet show about the Bill Of Rights set to Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The U.S.A.” it’s not very hard to beat Ron’s scheduled sole activity of “Not Getting Killed.” Girls rule, boys drool, etc.

However! When a boy attempts to join the Goddesses, Leslie refused, and her scouts remind Leslie that it’s the very same equality she was seeking years ago when the Goddesses began. A public forum and debate occur, which get trumped by the Puppy Party Leslie decided to throw. We also got a taste of Tom and Donna’s “Treat Yoself” tradition, which was amazing and climaxed in Adam Scott crying while wearing a full Batman costume. This was one of those episodes that’s so great you just want to clip the entire 30 minutes in a recap and tell everyone and their mother to watch the whole thing. It’s the weekend by now, so why not?

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