Everyone, Let's Circle Around Justin Timberlake and Point Our Fingers at Him

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Everyone, Let's Circle Around Justin Timberlake and Point Our Fingers at Him
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Justin Timberlake is having a very normal week. He might have been spotted rubbing up on his co-star Alisha Wainwright’s knees during a boozy night out in New Orleans, but just about everyone agrees they are “just friends.” This is despite, of course, the gossip concerning multiple affairs that has plagued his relationship with actor Jessica Biel since the early 2010s!

Photos surfaced Saturday which seemed to depict Justin Timberlake getting overly-familiar with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright. Photographers took great care in documenting his lack of a wedding ring, as well as the 40 minutes he spent drinking alone with her on a balcony at their bar of choice, Absinthe House. Rebuttals were immediately issued, with the major entertainment outlets all receiving the expected boilerplate: “They’re just friends!” Whoever this source is, of course, failed to realize how extremely suspicious it sounds when you BCC ten different journalists with the same pull quote.

Unfortunately for Wainwright—who stands to lose the most in this situation—she had to head back to set Monday, where she and Timberlake were expected to keep filming. Never mind the MEGA photographers lurking in the bushes, waiting to catch even the slightest tilt of the head or stray fart! Wainwright’s reps claim there isn’t any validity to the rumors, which may very well be true! It’s worrisome, however, considering Justin is well known for obliterating Janet Jackson’s public image and career because of an attention-grabbing stunt (allegedly!) Sure, everyone is talking about this movie now. But who will be the collateral damage to ensure that keeps happening?

Back in Los Angeles, Jessica Biel was seen bopping around in a rather chic blazer and pant combo. In her hands she carried an oversized pillow and Transformers toy for her son with Timberlake, four-year-old Silas. The ensemble screams: “Remember our kid, Justin?” [Hollywood Life]

Thomas Girardi, less famous husband of Real Housewives star Erika Jayne, has just filed court documents hitting back at allegations that he and his law firm are refusing to pay a $40,000 bill. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Erin Brockovich-famous attorney claims that JJ Jackson Consulting is the cause of the missing money, citing “their own issues with negligence,” and has asked the judge to throw the lawsuit out.

Similarly, Girardi was pulled into a separate lawsuit over an unpaid loan earlier this year. The Law Finance Group alleges it loaned Girardi $15 million, but that he only paid back $1o million. The judge slapped him with a $6 million judgment. In August, the couple asked a judge in August to move the case to arbitration, effectively walling the results off from Bravo cameras or the public It appears the request was denied, as a month later, court documents obtained by The Blast revealed Girardi had dropped $3 million on the debt since. Only $3 million more to go!

Meanwhile on Instagram, wife Erika Jayne rolled around a hotel bed in some neglige, as if to say: “I’m rich, and I don’t care!” Or, she wants us all to talk about something other than the various lawsuits being leveled at her husband. Either way, it’s working! [The Blast]

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